Organization filling: a good carbon to nitrogen ratio.


To make compost, it is not enough to put any organic matter or heap together.  We must pay attention to the quantities that carbon and nitrogen-brings.  It is necessary that the amount of carbon (C) be 20 to 30 times greater than the amount of nitrogen (N) depending on their chemical composition. 


Carbonaceous chains of chemicals are used by organizations as an energetic source, which will give the CO2 gas and heat.  For growth (protein synthesis), they utilize the nitrogen derivatives.





Remplissage du Champicomposteur
Remplissage du Champicomposteur

Carbonaceous materials (C):

These are generally wastes that are brown, hard, and dry, such as branches. They contain much more carbon than nitrogen. 


They are rich in energy, but these materials do not contain much nitrogen.  Decomposers do not find the elements necessary for their growth and adequate moisture. Their decomposition will be slow.  Therefore, it must be mixtures of materials with nitrogen.



Nitrogenous substances (N):

It is the green waste, soft and wet, like grass clippings.  They are easily digested micro-organisms and their sugars and proteins are in abundance to feed, grow and reproduce. They are moist enough (sometimes with a moisture content exceeding 80%). 


They possess an important problem, since they are without structure. They do not let air circulate and do they do not eliminate excess water.  If you work only with protein, you risk getting slimy and unpleasant odors (anaerobic process).  That is why it is necessary to ensure the alternating layers.


The humidity must be set around 50- 60%.  Water is necessary for development of micro-organisms.  It will be delivered mainly by nitrogen compounds, but also by rain and / or watering if necessary...


A lack of water will slow the decomposition but also a surplus will slow the composting and anaerobic process, which can cause that which will promote odors.


Oxygen is essential to the life of organisms.  Good ventilation creates a good decomposition of organic matter (if the other parameters are present).  On the contrary, poor ventilation enables an anaerobic process that produces bad smells!

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