Concept Champicomposteur's Garden

           Concept Jardin des Champicomposteurs
Concept Jardin des Champicomposteurs

The object of Champicomposteur is to multiply the concept and give birth to a dedicated composting:  The garden of “Champicomposteur”.






Interest at an educational edutainment:


The champicomposteurs take possession of space and are organized to create opportunities.  They are divided in space in order not to interfere in the recovery phase of composting and the construction phase.  They form a labyrinth or changes in small and large scale systems.


Each of them can offer a variety of fillings and it varies depending on the materials in their surroundings.  It is not the importer of materials from distant sources that ensures sustainable development, this happens because of their voluntarily spirit....

The largest measured is 11.5 feet in height and the smallest is about 16 to 24 inches. Created prospects enable the implementation of tracking the countryside surrounding development of a "natural garden". The floor is completely covered with mulch (RCW fragments).



The Garden of champicomposteurs :


A picture garden with an environmental message:


The highlighting of this simple gesture and the information of the ancient gardener must be shared and exemplified to visitors young and old.  The idea is to promote composting on a scale that shows its value and importance for everyone to see. The primary objective is to reduce considerably the export of waste "green.”








Vue perspective du Jardin des Champicomposteurs
Vue perspective du Jardin des Champicomposteurs

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